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Stress is not my trigger!

I have a good support group in my life. HOWEVER, whenever I get a migraine, most of them ask me about the stresses in my life. I've tried explaining that stress isn't a trigger (although relief from stress is). My family physician points to stresses in my life too! Thankfully, my neurologist knows better.

  1. Hi ZSharon,

    Thanks for sharing, Sharon. There is controversy whether or not stress is a migraine trigger. I believe for some people, stress is a trigger, while others not so much. Here are a few articles on stress and migraine; and

    To confirm your thoughts that relief from stress can be a triggers, take a look at this information;


    1. I feel your pain - literally! Stress is not a trigger for me either - weather is my primary trigger. My neurologist made me take yoga therapy before he would give me botox for migraines. It's so annoying. I think it's just another form of patient shaming - putting the blame on the patient because they can't figure out the real trigger. There is so much the medical community doesn't know about migraines - it's not just a headache.

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