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Can sublingual MB12 drops cause headaches?

My 7 year old daughter who has ASD has been taking many vitamin and mineral supplements for the last 10 months which are helping her. Problem is, for the last 3 and half months she is getting severe migraine headaches daily. These throbbing, pounding headaches usually start from her right temple. The headaches started after recurrent viral and bacterial infections. The only supplement that I started a week before the onset of headaches is sublingual MB12. She is taking 800mcg. Can anyone please help me by telling, if MB12 drops can cause migraine headaches?

  1. Hi Monalisa2012,

    Thank you for your question. Is MB12 methyl-B12 ? Supplements don't cause migraine disease, but could possibly trigger migraine attacks.Sometimes we need to start supplements at low doses and increase them slowly in hopes to avoid unwanted side effects.

    Migraine disease is thought to be a genetic, neurological disorder, we're not sure the exact cause of it. When you get a minute take a look at this article from Dr. Young, a true migraine disease expert;

    If your daughter hasn't been to the doctor about her continuous head pain, which is new, I would encourage her to do so. It's always a good idea to let the doctor know when we have new and/or different symptoms.

    I hope this helps,

    1. Thank you for your reply Nancy.

      My daughter is currently taking 800mcg of mb12, and I started dosing her with only 200mcg. I also started the supplement in end August and she started getting daily headaches (which doctors are saying migraine) from November first week. Thus, I was wondering if mb12 can trigger off migraine attacks after 2 months.

      Moreover, she doesn't have associated symptoms of migraine such as sound and light sensitivity, and rather likes staying in sunlight. During a headache episode she also complains of ringing in the ears, facial pain and sometimes even pain in the limbs. Can migraine cause such symptoms? I suffer from severe migraine headaches, but never faced such issues and I always hate the sun and noise.

      Could you please throw some light on this?


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