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Anyone NOT have immediate success from Aimovig?

I've been on Aimovig for two weeks and so far no change. All the posts I've read show phenomenal success almost from the start. So I'm afraid it's not going to work for me. Are other people in the same boat? More importantly, did any one have success but it took a while to kick in? Thanks!

  1. Hi there , Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the community & to look for feedback. As you wait for others to possibly share their experiences, I wanted to just chime in to say that I have been hearing that while some have been receiving nearly immediate results, others it has been gradual and for some it be taking multiple doses. As with any treatment, it is important to remember that everyone responds vastly differently and some may also find no significant improvement. Try not to lose hope however! It can take many weeks in order to know how you might be responding to any treatment.
    I also wanted to be sure to share our forum page we have dedicated to discussion surrounding Aimovig. You can find it here. - Good luck & do keep us posted in the weeks/months to come if you can!

    1. Thanks for your quick reply, Joanna. I can't be one of those this doesn't work for at all. I just can't. I'm ok with needing multiple doses, etc, so it helps so much to know that you've heard of cases where it took a while to kick in. I just wish some of those people would share their stories. Thanks too, for the link!

      1. I got my first shot less than 3 weeks ago (on 8/2) haven’t seen any change. I am hoping it will start to kick in after a few more weeks or probably more doses. I got approved for the copay program, but now my insurance isn’t taking prescriptions directly from aimovig, so my neurologist has to ask for it. Obviously I have been behind this for 2 weeks now, hope I will get my 2nd round should be done. (About the free trial, the first one the nurse didn’t put it correctly, but to fix that and ask for a new one would had mess the entire trial, so my doctor recommended to leave it like this)

        1. I just had my 2nd treatment of Aimovig a few weeks ago and absolutely no change. I’m having them worse than ever! I am also itching terribly. I mentioned this to my neurologist and she said even though it’s listed as a lesser known side effect none were reported in trials so it’s not the Aimovig. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing side effects. Makes me feel alone and crazy!!!!!

          1. Thank you Joanna for your quick reply. With so many migraine sufferers I know I’m not crazy! I will keep posting on the Aimovig subject!
            Waving from Alabama!

          2. Jean999 - I’m curious what you ever did about Aimovig and your itching? I’m on my 2nd does and also itching like crazy for 3 weeks! And it’s the only thing that has changed.

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