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Suggestions? What can work?

I came here looking for some answers. I've been living with Migraines since a child before I even knew they were called that. I would have headaches so severe, even in first and second grade that I would vomit and have to be in a dark quite room. In addition to Migraine, I also experience Chronic Daily Headache, thankfully not EVERY day, but, sometimes as many as 15 days per month.

I take Topamax for "prevention" and Naratriptan as an abortive but, being there are only 9 in a 30 day period, I have to supplement with Butalbital which does not work well nor does the Naratriptan. For that matter, the Topamax doesn't really do a good job because I'm still having several Migraines per month.

I still hear the "You don't have a Migraine, just a bad headache" bit, but, those of use who have Migraines know better.

I have to ask, is there something better than living like this? Maybe something natural that works? My wife has made the Migraine Smoothie:

16 ounces filtered water or coconut water
1 cup pineapple
1 cup kale (3 to 4 leaves)
1 stalk celery
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 cup cucumber (about 1/2 a large cucumber)
1/2 inch ginger root
1 1/2 cups Ice

And it works well, but, again, as an abortive. I guess there's no magic answer, but, I just wish there was something better than going days with constant headaches.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi glen4cindy,

    If you're not currently being treated by a true migraine/headache disorder specialist, I would encourage you to do so. The thing about neurologists is not all them are true migraine/headache disorder specialists even if they claim to be. Migraine/headache specialists are board certification in headache medicine whereas all neurologists are not. Another consideration is that not all neurologists are migraine/headache specialists and not all migraine/headache specialists are neurologists. Does that make sense? Let me share information with you on what makes these doctors so special and how to find one; and

    I'm glad to hear your wife has made a smoothie you find helpful, but do need to mention only abortive medications can actually stop the migraine process. Speaking of mediations, it sounds like it's time to re-evaluate your current migraine preventive - with that many attacks a month it is either time for a new medication or a change in dosage. You may want to take a look at these article for information on preventives; and

    How about trigger identification and management? Do you know what any of your triggers are? If we are able to figure them out, we can manage them and hopefully reduce our migraine severity and frequency. In order to to this, the best thing is to keep a detailed diary. Take a look at these links on triggers when you get a chance; and

    I hope this helps,

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