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Hi fellow migraineurs,

I am wondering if anyone experience these sensations:

Sweating in neck and scalp
mood changes, from extremely happy to feelings of anxiety
Hard to keep my head up because there is just to much visual input
Bad taste in one side of mouth
Feeling of having a hat on that is too small
The last few months I have also experienced migraine with a sudden onset (regular or silent) that can come over just 5-10 minutes.
Headache on one side, the other side actually feels COMPLETELY fine and the other side is in extreme pain.

I have been diagnosed with chronic migraine that is mainly silent.
(Father with migraine with aura. He is retired due to having migraines 4-5 days a week.)

For me it is sometimes a relieve when the headache comes because then I sort of know where I am in the cycle.

Kind regards,

  1. Malin - You've listed some of the symptoms I've had. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they are normal for you. Have you talked to your doctor about these symptoms yet?


    1. I havent talked to my doctor about it, he basically says that if I can see a pattern in it occurring with my migraine, it´s a symptom... so not much help. 😀

      1. Sometimes they are symptoms, other times they are triggers. Sometimes they are related, but not either a symptom or a trigger. While it might seem to make sense that they are symptoms on the surface, it doesn't always work that way. What if you are suffering symptoms of another comorbid problem that acts as a Migraine trigger? If that comorbid problem can be treated, then you may relieve one important trigger. It truly is very possible these are Migraine symptoms for you, but let's make sure.

        Migraine is a condition that can't be tested for, so we depend on our physicians to be sure to rule everything else that can be treated, out. That's what's hard and sometimes they lose patience, just like we lose patience being sick all the time. They want to make us better and can't. Sometimes it's something simple like they don't have the education they need.

        I think maybe you need to have a heart-to-heart with your doctor about these issues. If they can't be deciphered and he/she is not willing to explain why, then perhaps it's time for a new doctor.


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