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Switching from Topamax to Zonegran

Hi there!
I'm in need of some advice please!! I'm considering switching from Topamax to Zonegran due to the fact that I've lost 1/2 my hair in the last 6 weeks on Topamax (I' been on it almost a year now)
My question is does the Zonegran cause hair loss too? The Topamax is actually working!!! but I'm not going to lose all my hair...

Any help would be much appreciated!

  1. Hi there! I've been on both. I did not notice a difference between the two meds in terms of hair loss. They both cause it for me.

    1. Thanks for your input! I’ve lost soooo much.. I just cant lose any more..

      1. If it helps... I'm still on Topomax. I chose to get a short cut because keeping it long definitely made the hair loss noticeable, but even four years later, I still have hair. I know when my bathroom drain was first getting clogged every day I was FREAKING OUT that I would be bald in months, but it didn't happen. With it short, you can't even tell unless you see pictures of before I got sick. However I understand everyone is different. You might be experiencing a totally different rate of hair loss. I also do take regular vitamins. Not sure if it helps or not.

        1. Ok! This is good info... thank you! How short is your hair now? I do have very long hair..(mid back) which is probably making the hair fall appear worse too. Good to know you arent bald! I feel like I’m heading that way!!

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