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symptoms over several years

my wife who is in her mid fifties started presenting with increasingly painful headaches until she eventually went to the ER for a couple of them. She's tough(I watched her give birth to our sone!!) so when she is in the ER with a migraine in a dark room with a morphine drip I know this is serious pain...Then after a year or two of these getting worse she starts having blood pressure spikes and chest pain....she actually had an episode where her chest hurt and she slumped down against a wall threw up and passed out...that got her a trip to the ER in an ambulance...somewhere in there she was given meds for headache pain/migraines...the Drs found nothing wrong with her heart but finally diagnosed her with a seizure disorder...she now has some control over the headache pain, she no longer has the heart issues but a facial numbness has settled in with tingling in toes and fingers....we are currently seeing two neuros and waiting for test results to look for inflammation disorders...the MRI has mild white matter degeneration but doesn't make the neuro think its MS....Migraines seem to be at the center of all this the question is can migraines cause chronic facial numbness even without the headache? can migraines cause these other symptoms with BP, radio, and numbness?

  1. Hi tactical,

    Thank you for your question. Typically when a migraine attack is over, so are the corresponding symptoms. Having said that, there may be exceptions. I know during some of my migraine attacks my right cheek will become numb, red and warm to the touch. As soon as the attack is over so is that symptom. Numbness, tingling can be migraine attack symptoms. It's also not uncommon to experience an increase in blood pressure when we are in pain.

    It's true, people with long term migraine disease have white matter lesions on the brain, which I believe are different from other neurological conditions.

    I hope your wife gets some answers soon!


    1. Hi Tactical,

      I am anxious to see what the Nuerologist says. If you can, please share the results.

      I regularly have a part of my face go numb during a migraine attack. I am famous for doing a stroke check to make sure everything is in order.

      I do remember one particularly bad attack my blood pressure shot up to 140 amd it's usually 104. Once the neurologist saw me everything was fine and my bp was back to normal. And I agree with Nancy. Once the attack is over, the symptoms shouldn't be there.

      We are here for both of you.


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