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TENS unit?

Has anyone on here had any success decreasing migraines with a TENS unit for neck and back pain?
I've managed to get rid of certain types of migraines with medication and eye pain with glasses, but I still have awful neck and back pain that I feel is triggering them (as well as face pain, but I think I'll have to see an ENT for that).
I'm looking toward TENS because it's more convenient and I'm unable to drive to therapists along with my life being so busy!
Have any of you tried it and gotten good results? Do you think I should give it a shot?

  1. Hi giyoreli,

    Thank you for your questions and being part of the discussion forum! Great job in managing your migraines - that's quite an accomplishment! Neck pain can be a confusing part of migraine. Let's see what information I can give you that may be helpful.

    I frequently use a TEN unit to help with tension type headache and neck pain. If I am having a tension type headache and use my TENS unit early, I can occasionally stop it from triggering a migraine attack. Discuss a TENS unit with your doctor and see what his thoughts are on this device.

    Facial pain, gum and tooth pain can also be part of a migraine attack.

    I hope this helps,

    It's true neck pain can be a migraine attack symptom and also trigger attacks.

    1. Yes, I have also had some success with tens....gentle tingling rather than the kneading level. But I have had to use it for about 30mins and it doesn't always work. I need to use it in a cool, noise free room,dull lighting,so not always suitable.

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