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Tense & Painful Muscles

Anyone else get totally tense upper body muscles? Feel like their shoulders are scrunched up to their ears? Arms,shoulders, neck, back hurt? (Along with the head pain, nausea, etc) I don't know if the migraine starts first or the muscles, or they occur simultaneously?

  1. I have them all the time. One thing I have just found is Magnesium cream to rub on my shoulders, neck, spine legs, feet, anywhere. A family member has cancer and got the cream from a cancer center in Arizona for extreme leg & feet cramps. It does help relax the muscles and with the migraine pain that is at the base of the skull.

    My muscles are constantly tense in my whole body all the time. When I realize I am squeezing the muscles I tell myself to relax just to find I am doing it again. The only time I am completely relaxed is in meditation.

    My family member was told by the cancer center that you cannot take enough magnesium orally to do what the cream does. It can be compounded/made by any pharmacy if you can find one that will still do it. I am not sure if you need a prescription for it or not. The ingredients says "magnesium chloride 30% cream".

    1. Thanks rpigg. Glad to hear that you and family member have found something that works - I will look into it. Sorry to hear abt the cancer in the family. Interesting abt the body being able to take in more magnesium thru the cream than orally! Have you ever thought abt wearing those - what are they called - I don't know - brace thingys - that keep muscles in place? I have thought abt it but haven't ever done it. Like shoulder or back braces. I don't know that it would do any good - keeping in place - muscle tension/pain...I'm just rambling, now...

      1. jlmillercat & rpigg: Muscle tension can be a trigger OR a comorbid factor with migraine. I'd recommend reading a handful of these articles (see below) and talking to your doctor or headache specialist about your muscle tension. Learning to do progressive relaxation, gentle yoga, mindfulness meditation, and improvements in posture should help you immensely.

        Take care,
        Janet G.
        "The Migraine Girl"

        1. Thanks Migraine Girl,
          for responding and for the recommendations, and links. I never realized it could be it's own separate issue. Wow. I do take flexeril regularly. I want to exercise but unfortunately haven't been able to in quite a while due to the migraines (power walking, or even regular walking, beyond getting from one place to another). Eons ago (ha ha ha, more than 25 years)) I was a runner. Anyway, I will consider yoga. Aren't there lots of different kinds? Do you know about yoga and can you recommend a type?

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