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Terrible Confusion

Does anyone else experience terrible confusion with migraines? I have multiple migraines per week. All are with aura but not all progress to severe pain, nausea, numbness, etc. However, even the ones without severe pain result in terrible confusion that lasts hours and even days. I have difficulty reading or even speaking coherently. Neurologist assures me that the scans show no strokes or tumors. I’m just wondering if others experience similar headaches. Any comments would be appreciated.

  1. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with us. It's not uncommon to have confusion with a migraine attack and some attacks are worse than others. Good to hear your scans are OK.
    The thing is if we have four or more severe attacks a month it's time to discuss migraine prevention with the doctor if you're not already taking something or a combination of things for migraine prevention. Don't lose hope!! There are over 100 medications, supplement, devices and complementary therapies that can be used to treat migraine disease!!
    Wishing you a low pain day, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. I get similar symptoms. I'll know what I want to say but can't say it correctly. I get kind of dazed, unfocused, can't concentrate, numbness and tingling on one side.... it can be scary. You're not alone.

      1. @missa_1984 those symptoms can definitely be scary! I'm sorry you have to suffer from them. My husband experiences many of those same symptoms during an attack cycle, unfortunately for him, it's all the time! I hope you don't have to suffer from them too often. Warmly, Cheryl migraine team

    2. Thank you, unfortunately mine have been about 20/month and the numbness, confusion etc is almost daily. The visual disturbances and actual pain is fortunately only once or twice per month. I have about one GLORIOUS week a month that is a sweet spot in my hormone balance that I have almost no migraine symptoms... I love that week lol

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