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There is an attack on people in Chronic Pain!

They hype of hydrocodone abuse and it's death toll is not proportionate considering competing death causes and the general state of being alive. This is not my point however, my point is that there is a lot of money and energy vilifying and ultimately legislating the only actual pain receptor blockers available to the general population. The push is to replace these actual pain medications with psychiatric drugs. Lets think about that for a minute. As it stands I am given far less ability to fight the cycle of pain i endure (I pass out from the pain). As a person who has so much pain I loose consciousness it bakes my noodle that I live in a rural area (The redwood forest in California) and am forced to go to the public STD clinic because no doctor will see someone with my set of issues in my area. So I go to these well meaning yet hindered settings to address my basilar migraines. For pain I am given 15mg of hydrocodone a day as a baseline and 15 doses of 2mg hydromophone for event management. First of all the hydrocodone does make me nauseated which creates more problems than it solves but this is the only medication the clinic feels "comfortable" prescribing to anyone and I was surprised to learn it is the most they give anyone. I can deal with a bit of suffering but when I see others suffer needlessly I get real angry. Unfortunately in my area if you speak out you will be banned from services. So I began to ponder the past few years. Reading clippings, looking at statistics (I used to work in epidemiology) and wondering where this clinic that is strongly influenced by trends in Washington (if you have ever worked in public health you understand how these trends can dominate the culture of any extension of it's arms even rural clinics). As I gathered my information and took a step back to see the whole picture. The truth was glaring at me as obvious as a map sitting right in front of me. People in chronic pain are under attack. The message is "the government does not trust your doctor so nobody gets to ingest pain relief". Of course the notion that another entity can tell a free individual what they can and can not put into their body is not new. It is the great distraction. It is the unconcious promise we make that surrenders a large choice that free people make onto an entity that only knows you exist because you were given a number at birth. Remember prohibition? Remember the war on drugs? The way we create crime, thereby creating criminals? These criminals must be controlled so we create an army of small units called "local police" who put these criminals in criminal training boxes at the expense of the taxpayer. But I digress. I am feeling the affects on the war on pain. I see my mother in law with half her stomach removed dying of cancer in great pain being given the bare minimum of pain relief. It is criminal to attack this woman. She is sweet and loving and does not deserve to suffer. Yes some types of drugs are more prone to abuse. (but why anyone would abuse hydrocodone is way beyond me) BUT THE SOLUTION IS EDUCATION AND A BETTER SOCIAL UPBRINGING FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. Attacking opioids is a small minded knee jerk reaction made by people who trust the entity of our entire government to take care of the individual. This is a naive approach. It us usually made by people who have failed to be good parents to their own children. The consequences of this attack on pain medications are that people in pain are made to suffer. Sometimes just a little more, and sometimes a horrible amount. I have few if any of the answers but I do have some good questions and a few accusations to throw around. This is not the point either. The point is: currently there are no viable replacements for pain receptor blockers. For me at least, when I take psychiatric medication I go insane. Why are they pushing these types anyway? Lastly, we have had experience as a country vilifying substances but this has served as nothing but an expensive cycle ending in servitude and the ruin of millions of lives. Perhaps we need to step back and look at the problem as a whole. Perhaps it is time to free ourselves and improve the value and comfort of our lives by making adult decisions that "add to, not take away". Perhaps it is time to designate a pain doctor in every town to make decisions about pain management. Someone who can designate chronic vs episodic pain need, someone who can (like other pain management clinics) offer education and alternatives to medication. Complementary therapies. For me I am constantly looking for ways I can take control of my life and have less need for pain medications. Perhaps this designated doctor can offer these ideas in conjunction with traditional pain management this could really improve the quality of life for many folks. I could even see a day where I can become a functioning member of society to some extent again. Ahhhh to dream. The truth is pain sufferers have always been at the bottom of the crap heap. Now they are making us feel it. Why? What can I do? How can I not make it worse?

  1. You make some very good points and pose some interesting questions, Darwin's Knickers! Access to pain medication is becoming a struggle for so many who live with chronic pain. It is cruel to make those who live with chronic pain suffer needlessly by refusing to offer them the medications that help manage their pain levels. I hope better policy can be enacted as there needs to be a balance of helping those who are in pain and responsibly caring for those who develop an addiction. As you indicated, many who use opioid medication do so responsibly and never become addicted, which seems to be a piece often missing from the discussion. Both populations should be offered the care they need. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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