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Has anyone had this experience? What should I do?

I have had migraines as long as I can remember. I get cluster migraines as well as status migraines. Sometimes they last a short time and others up to 3 days. I was taking Fioricet or sumatriptan which seemed to work for the most part. This time it’s been different…I got a migraine 7/10/2018 and have had it consistently for 28 days now with Aura everyday. I have seen a Neurologist and was prescribed a variety of medications at different appointments. They are: Prednisone 60mg (6) days then taper off for (5) days Midrin Naratriptan Sumatriptan Nasal Spray I was also given samples of Zomig. All of the medications minus Midrin brought down the intensity of the pain for a short period but, nothing has broken the cycle yet. Midrin put me out for a day and a half but, I woke up with headache. Neurologist has been wanting to admit me to the hospital for IV treatment but, I really don’t want to be in hospital unless I know it will for sure help.

I have a lot of responsibilities at work that won’t allow a hospital stay. To top it off because I’ve had this migraine for so long my boss called me in for a meeting about my performance. I essentially got into trouble because my head hurts so bad I can’t think or function properly. I fear that my job is in jeopardy and if I am out for a few days in hospital maybe that would be the excuse to let me go. I had an MRI which showed a hyperintense signal. Neurologist doesn’t think this is anything to be concerned about. I went to ER on July 26th and they gave me a migraine cocktail that made me sleepy but, didn’t help the migraine. The attending physician wanted to admit me but, gave me the option to go home and rest. Migraine was slightly better in the morning but, rapidly increased intensity throughout the day. Has anyone experienced something like this? What should I do to get rid of the migraine? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you in advance .

  1. Hi tleever,

    Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time right now. I understand how frustrating and debilitating it is to be in chronic pain.

    If it were me, I'd have a conversation with my employer and explain the need for a hospital stay so the current migraine cycle can be broken and you can get back to yourself on the job. Going into the hospital for treatment is never easy, but may be necessary to break this nasty cycle.

    It sounds like home remedies and over the counter medications has proven futile and time for professional help.

    I wish I had an easier answer for you. Good luck and let us know how you make out,

    1. Ask Your doctor if there is a way to do the infusion without a hospital stay. I also agree you should talk to your employer, but also talk to your doctor about FMLA paperwork. It sounds like you may qualify (only your doctor and you can decide if it’s the best course of action). I’ve found that being up front with my employers has been beneficial for me. They know what to expect and I know their expectations of me in line with what I can do when I’m in a cycle I can’t break.

      Good luck and healing thoughts being sent to you.

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