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Three things that help me with migraines

I have posted about these before in other various discussions but I thought I would sum them up in one post:
1. Dragon's Blood
2. Kaopectate
3. CBD oil
The Dragons blood (a CPRG blocker- taken under the tongue) stops the throbbing & shaking & lessens the pain. Taking Kaopectate before dinner the day of a migraine seems to keep me from throwing up during the night or in the morning. Taking high quality CBD oil before bed is helping me sleep. Wish I had tried all of those things sooner. Better late then never.

  1. Wow - thanks for offering up what works for you, . It's great to hear that you've found some relief for your migraines with these treatments! It's a testament to knowing your triggers and symptoms, as well as how to treat them. Finding what works for you is a process, and it's great that you've discovered these effective strategies to alleviate your symptoms. Keep advocating for your health and exploring different approaches to migraine management. You seem to be on a healing path. Thoughtfully - Rebecca (team member)

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