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Migraine tips, tools and technology hacks

Have you discovered any life hacks to living with migraine? Do you utilize any electronic devices or specific apps. in order to help you better manage and track your migraine attacks? Do you have any advice or tips you'd like to share with us?

We would love to hear from you!

  1. I have had severe migraines with an aura for the last 35 years.
    I'm hoping that some of my trial and errors will help some of you suffering from migraines!!! I've been on different medications for migraines over the years. Ones that made me sleepy or feel weird.
    I have found that extra strength Excedrin taken every six hours works best for me; not the Excedrin Migraine.
    Laying down on an ice pack on the side of the migraine headache
    helps alleviate some of the pain.
    Triggers to avoid. Mine are red wine, chocolate,
    a lot of Diet Coke, Chinese food, MSG, hot dogs or foods with a lot of nitrates. Also certain fragrances have triggered migraines for me or have made an existing headache worse. These smells are usually
    pine smelling or strong cinnamon scents, such as holiday fragrances.
    I hope these tips help you. I know how awful living with migraines is.
    Best wishes.

    1. I'm new here, and so this may be old news. But I just started using the Migraine Buddy app. Finding it helpful to track my symptoms, especially as memory issues make it hard for me to track my symptoms in my head.

      Migraine Buddy is a free app for both android and iPhone.

      1. Good morning Joanna Bodner,
        Thank you for creating this discussion board about living with migraines and trying to find some daily hacks. One of the best hacks that I have tried to date is the NoMo Migraine band. I have suffered from migraines and random headaches from time to time due to a concussion in high school. The NoMo Migraine Band uses peppermint scent and alternative medicine. I found the band over at the website

        1. Hi there @jkitchen, Thanks so much for sharing this tip about this band...appreciate it! I have never heard of this specific one! Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

      2. I rely on the calendar function on my phone as I have dyscalculia in addition to migraine brain fog and struggle to remember dates and times.

        I also rely on multiple alarms during the day to keep me on schedule as well as prevent myself from over doing it if I am enjoying myself or thinking of pushing through an event. Every two hours my phone chimes to remind me to check in with myself (meals, rest, everyday chores, etc). It's also a handy socially acceptable "out" from a situation. To say "gotta go before I get a migraine" is less acceptable than "gotta go, I have another engagment" when the phone chimes.

        I've found the Migraine Buddy app helpful for awareness and tracking of triggers, therapies, and the migraine events.

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