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How effective is topiramate?

I have just been switched to topiramate from pizotifen. How effectove is it and what are the most common side effect?

  1. Hi there @ loweking16, Thanks for reaching out! As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experiences with this treatment, I thought I'd pass along another member's question on our page asking the same. Here it is in case you'd like to check it out - As you read through the thread of comments, as you know it is important to remember that everyone responds to medications differently.

    Hope this helps! Take good care. -Joanna ( Team)

    1. I've been taking topiramate as a migraine preventative for several years. It helps but does not remove them totally. My doctor and I did notice a difference in the number of migraines I had once I was taking it Worth a try. Best wishes, Helen, Down Under

      1. Topiramate was the first preventative I was ever put on and it didn't help me at all, but I've heard from plenty of people for whom it worked pretty well. It's one of the first things people tell me to try when they find out about my chronic migraines (and like all migraineurs I get unsolicited advice on what works wonders all...the...time). Topiramate is like any other preventative - it doesn't work for everyone, because everyone's migraines are different, and since there is no cure for migraines, it may lessen the frequency and severity of your attacks but not stop them altogether. But it's certainly worth a try. I have been searching for a preventative that helps for 9 years with little to no success, but that's just me and my stubborn case. I sincerely hope that if you try it - or whatever else you may try - works great for you.

        1. Topiramate made me kind of loopy, dizzy, uncoordinated, etc. at first - I felt fine at times, and very "doped up" at others - but this was temporary, and it didn't affect me to the point that I couldn't work or otherwise function.

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