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Tracking Migraine Treatments & Symptoms

Hello – I am new to the site. I have a daughter who has migraines. She is seeing a specialist, but what I find a challenge is how to track the information he wants to know when we go for an appointment. We have a spreadsheet but she is not very good at putting the information in it and gets frustrated when we keep bugging her to fill it out. Wondering if there is anything people are using to help organize and track migraine-related information? Is tracking a useful exercise? I am hoping by doing this, we may be able to see patterns to help my daughter understand her triggers, pinpoint potential causes, and possibly mitigate the severity of her migraines. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. welcome to the community! Have you heard of the Migraine Buddy app? Many people within the community have found the reporting feature very helpful to print the tracked migraine symptoms with their medical providers. Here is a link to Glassmind, one of our community members who share their experience with the app: -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. Thanks Lawrence - this is very helpful!

    2. you are most welcome! I am glad that you found this article helplful. -Lawrence ( Team)

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