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When to seek treatment or medication?

About 8 years ago I had a frightening experience which was diagnosed in the ER as scintillating scotoma which the doctor said was a migraine aura without the headache. I had a few over the next few months and then it just stopped and I totally forgot about it. Two months ago it has started up again and I now recognize what it is. I went to my pcp and I had an mri which was fine so he said all's good and I just needed to decide if it was troubling enough to try medication. I can definitely cope just fine with the symptoms but am worried about stroke risk or other sinister problems caused by this if left untreated. I have been getting about one a week all pretty much the same. It is a stressful time with my daughter getting married in three weeks so I'm hoping the incidents are less frequent as life calms down after the wedding. Just looking for thoughts on whether a neurologist or medication is needed for this type of thing. Thank you.

  1. Hi there , Knowing the risks when it comes to migraine is certainly an important question! I always think this article is a great article to review as it discusses when to seek treatment specifically stating that any migraine attack that lasts longer than 72 hours should be evaluated by a doctor.. Hope you find it helpful to review. - Thanks for reaching out & especially for being here!

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