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Treximet Price Increase

For those who take Treximet, has anyone else had a massive increase in price for their prescription! I usually pay $68 for 9 pills every month, after insurance kicks in. Tonight I went to pick up my prescription and was told it had increased to $160 after insurance! From what I understand, GSK sold the Treximet line to another pharmaceutical company back in August, but why the huge jump in price? Any thoughts on his?

  1. Treximet is sumatriptan (generic Imitrex) with aleve so instead of prescribing treximet for me she just told me to add in aleve to my sumatriptan. You think it's worth a shot for you? It's got to be much cheaper.

    1. Hi Auburn,

      I believe it was in May that GlaxoSmithKline signed an agreement with another pharmaceutical company, Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. to obtain the U.S rights to Treximet. I'm not clear on pricing when this happens but can find out for you.

      As hollygolitely817 mentioned above, Treximet is sumatriptan with naproxen sodium. It may be worth a conversation with your doctor about taking this combination instead of Treximet. Just a thought.

      Also, have you check GSK for coupons, although they may not have any due to this.

      Keep us posted,

      1. Hi Auburn,

        I feel your pain. I have been taking Treximet now for about 4 years and it has been a miracle drug in stopping my migraines. I was like you and paid approx. $75 as a co-pay when I first received the drug, with a little help with samples from my neurologist. Last year my co-pay went to $120. This past month, it blew my mind when the co-pay raised again to $318! My prescription plan required 50% co-pay for Tier 3 medicines (BC/BS Federal)and will not allow mail order with this item.

        I called the new company (Pernix) and spoke with customer service there. They said that they had "no answers" as to why the price would have changed but they could transfer me to someone in administration. Certainly they have heard of this issue from other patients? Why have customer service if they will not find an answer for a customer? I did not think that it would change the price for me to call, but want to know if this is a permanent price or do I have to wait for the patent to run out before I get a relief in my wallet? I have to choose an insurance plan this month and want to know if I need to factor this price in and for how long.

        By the way, I have had success with cutting the tablets in half and taking them as soon as I feel the headache coming on. Hope that is ok to say! Any further information on the price issue is helpful!

        1. Ok, here's an update to my initial post. After several phone calls, I finally got through to "Linda" at Pernix, which now owns Treximet. She claimed that no one has ever complained about the prices, didn't know the reason why there was an increase. She took a LOT of notes, but said little.

          Because of the triple in price, I was buying only one pill when I needed it, to the tune of $18 a piece. Today, the price went up to $49 for ONE tablet. So that is almost $450 dollars for 9 tablets if I ask for the whole prescription.

          So, in August, I paid $68 for 9 tablets. In October, it went $160. Now, it's $450. This is all after co-pay.

          WHAT is going on!??

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