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What are common triggers for hemiplegic migraine?

Can I please get some ideas about what triggers are common for hemiplegic migraines?

  1. Hi there custard11,
    Thanks so much for your question! You may also find it useful to share or read some in our forums section where there has been some discussion on Hemiplegic Migraine - Here is also an overview on hemiplegic migraine - Unfortunately, triggers vary dramatically from person to person. I would encourage you to (if you have not already) keep a detailed migraine journal in order to hopefully help you to identify what your triggers may be. You can more on this here - Truly wishing you all the best and thanks for being part of our community! -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hey Custard,
      It's different for everyone, when I was young I used to tell my Mom that green peas were giving me headaches. She, of course, would tell me that I was making it up to get out of eating my vegetables! Cue to me being an adult, and I was at a Neurologists office in California and he recommends that I read a book called, "Heal your own headache" by David Buchholz, MD. Wouldn't you know that green peas are in it as a possible trigger for migraines for some people?? (I scanned the page and sent to my Mom too haha).

      If there is something that always sets you off - put it down and let your doc know. 😀

  2. I agree with the idea of starting a migraine journal. My triggers include weather changes, foods, environmental changes, smells, etc. so record absolutely everything. I was just focusing on foods for the longest time, then realized I was in bed with a migraine every time it rained - and I realized it was a pressure thing.

    1. My triggers tend to be extreme stress along with a choatic sleep schedule and weather change. I know that if all 3 are happening it’s sure to tip the scale for me and I’ll be in bed for 2 days minimum.

      1. Keeping a journal is a great idea. Migraines have led to "clean" eating and doing my best to stick to a routine. As my neurologist pointed out to me, migraines hate routine. I stay away from MSG and Aspertame. Sulphites are a trigger too. So now I try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Eat at the same time. It helps, but it isn't by any means a cure. Still a human berometer. When the seasons change it triggers migraines. Premenopause doesn't help either. Thank you for the question.

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