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Do triggers/symptoms change over time?

I'm suddenly experiencing nausea that is fairly debilitating, and excessive yawning too! I've had migraines for years and these are new.

I just wondered if anyone else develops differences as they age?

  1. Hi, MandaMM. Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear you've got such bad nausea -- that's the worst! Everyone is different, but migraine symptoms and experiences can change over time. It can be influenced by all kinds of factors, including age, your medications, and hormones, just to name a few. Your best bet is to call your doctor for anything that's new or concerning. In the meantime, here's an article about dealing with nausea that might help a bit:

    Please let us know you're doing! Take care of yourself. -Melissa, team

    1. I've had migraine since I was 10 years old (I'm 55 now) and yes, the symptoms change all the time. Mine come in waves that last maybe 1-2 years with a "normal" period in between that lasts maybe 6 months to a year. Each "wave" is a new symptom, each normal period is just a migraine. Once I had nausea/vomiting each time I had a migraine, next time I had trouble speaking each time. Once I smelled things that weren't there (oddly enough, it was hamsters I smelled) and the next time it was extreme exhaustion. I've had little mini strokes, feelings of being burned, you name it... NO FUN.

      1. I have been living with migraines since a near-fatal car crash 46 years ago. My migraines have definitely been evolving over time. I recently ended up in ER because I was having terrible pain, nausea, etc. I didn't recognize it as a migraine because it didn't act like my migraines have in the past. I have tried just about every treatment in the world for them, but finally found relief with an herbal supplement. I have been taking that for about 20 years, and have never, ever had any side effects from them. I order them online and the Chinese name is Pian Tou Tong Wan; the main ingredient is angelica. They're hella cheap, easy to use, and I always carry some with me just in case.

        1. That's so great, mominski! We like to remind people that there are more than a hundred different treatment options for migraine out there, with more coming all the time, and not all of them are Western-style pharmaceuticals. I'm glad you've found something helpful for you. Where did you learn about angelica? -Melissa, team

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