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troubles breathing

So to explain, it isn't that I have a hard time breathing, breathing becomes no longer automatic. If I don't think about breathing then I will stop breathing. It is only during an attack, and not often does it occur during an attack. I usually notice when my chest starts feeling tight and I get light headed very fast. It doesn't last very long- five minutes maximum. But it makes me very concerned, and I haven't seen anyone else say they had this symptom or anything similar. I would tell my doctor but I am still on a wait list to get one. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?

  1. HI JessicaFairall,

    Thank you for your question and being part of our community - we're glad you're here!

    I've not experienced this, but do tend to hold my breath when I exert myself, say when I do my PT. It's not a conscious thing, rather I realize it when I need to breath!

    Is there any way you can seek out the expertise of a different doctor? I know how frustrating getting a new doctor is and hope you find one soon.

    I wish I had better information for you, hopefully others will be along shortly to lend their experience.


    1. I know this is old but .....

      When I have constant bad migraines (like this week), I get some sensation with breathing too. Like my body is too tired to breath and I have to focus myself to take deep breaths. I definitely hold my breath too when I'm in severe pain or super focused (when I used to horseback ride and jump courses my instructor would make us sing during it so we wouldn't hold our breath lol).

      Think it's probably just our body exhausted from the migraine. Deep breathing should help - why guided meditation helps. Hope you have a doc by now!

      1. Hi Tamara,

        I hear you - it is "old!"

        I tend to hold my breathe when I do lots of things, like typing now for example. Odd I know! I'm not sure what it is, but do have to focus on it.

        Thank you for sharing,

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