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Types of Migraine That You Never Heard of

There are some kinds of migraines which happen in an exceptional case. There are some points following below:
1. A retinal Migraine
2. A hemiplegic Migraine
3. A Menstrual Migraine
4. An Abdominal Migraine
5. A Vestibular Migraine

So these are the types of migraines.

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  1. I hate to say it but I have lost trust in the doctors. I began looking into natural stuff that didn’t make my hair fall out and make me feel crappy from all of the side effects.I found a product that worked for me after 30 years of suffering every single day with a migraine. I consider myself at the extreme end of sufferers. Might be worth a try for some of you and the best part was its all natural (no side effects) and they offered a trail bottle. I read all of these posts on this site and it breaks my heart to know most of you are still miserable. Look them up. It might be your answer. Doctors and meds did NOTHING for me for years!!! The name is URLifeBack and I stand by it. It gave me back my life and I’m grateful. Best of luck to all of you

    1. I used to have Menstrual Migraines. I am glad they are not happening as I am too old.

      1. I have had classic migraines since the age of 6 I’m now almost 60. My daughter was diagnosed with abdominal migraines in her early teens. I had no idea the was such a thing.

        1. Is the abdominal migraine as the classic migraine with vomiting and severe headache with aura because this was the type headaches I had from early child hood until I was 37 then had no headache of any kind for almost 3 years and the summer before my 40 the birthday the doctors thought I had an inflimation of my optic nerve and called it optic neuritus but the migraines continued for three years then went away for about 6 months then came back with a fury a month after my 44th birthday and marriage and have not subsided. My meds keep them somewhat abated. I found out a few years ago what the ER doctor call optic neuritis was actually a migrainous stroke which affected the optic nerve of both eyes and damage my peripheral vision as well as my depths perception.

      2. I suffered from migraines for a long time. When I met Dr. Arroyo, I was having an average of 10 episodes per month, I was miserable... Just two weeks into the program, the migraines started to be shorter in duration to the point where they simply disappeared, amazing! Even my sleep improved so much..

        I truly believe that Dr. Arroyo has developed the definite solution to reverse migraines for good, without drugs or surgery.

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