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Has anyone tried Ubrelvy or Nurtec? If so, please share your experience. Also, I get many menstrual migraines. Typically 4-5 of my 7 monthly migraines are during a few days before, during and right after my cycle. Advil is the only thing that works. Occasionally a heating pad can send some of the less harsh ones away if it's a pre or post cycle migraine. Any advice? Tysm!

  1. Hi thank you for commenting. You are not alone in wanting to learn more about others' experiences with Ubrelvy or Nurtec. A few community members have shared that they experience slight fogginess after taking nurtec, while others have entirely different experiences. Have you recently started taking Ubrelvy or Nurtec? Here is a link for you to read more about side effects from others within the community:

    Sending you healing hugs!
    -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. I am a chronic migraine sufferer- 25 years. I get clusters and my migraines themselves are hemiplegic. If I listed everything I’ve tried we’d be here for days…. I even did two of the 3 CGRP shots and failed. My doctor recently convinced me to try Ubrelvy (which is an abortive) I was on the fence, because I had failed the two preventative shots and gained like 25lbs. but decided to give it a try. After fighting with my insurance company, they finally paid for it (otherwise It would have been $1029.00) and I got my 10 pills (which we all know is a joke), but I will say it is helping a little and a little is better than nothing! It’s the first thing in years that has given me some relief. It’s one of those deals where you can take 1 pill and then after like 2 hours you can take another… which is why 10 is a joke, so I really try to save them for death bed migraines. For people with Clusters, it could be life changing. The other day I felt a cluster coming so I took a Ubrelvy and the cluster didn’t develop! Don’t get me wrong, I still had a migraine and I will say it gave me about 40% relief but only lasted a few hours. But as far as the Clusters, it prevented it from becoming full blown (my fellow cluster busters will understand how significant that is). I actually would recommend this. Now, I also understand that what helps for one may not be the answer for someone else… but I’m glad I took the chance. Sending you hugs and hopes for a pain free day. ~Dana

      1. Thank you Dana! I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I hope it gets better. I may try Ubrelvy now!

        1. Just started Ubrelvy. My neurologist suggested instead of Relpax due to my age. So far so good. Emgality, Trokendi XR and Ubrelvy is expensive on Medicare Part D but finally some relief after almost 50 years of suffering.

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