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Uneven Pupil

Hello there! I've been having migraine attacks for years now, maybe 7-9 years. My migraine is chronic (if that's what you call something that comes often).

Since the last two years, I've been seeing sparks of lights before my migraine attacks. But these past few weeks, I've been seeing the flashing lights kind of more often, but sometimes without headache, and just a slight dizziness.

Just a few days ago, my migraine attack started again. It was on the right side of my head, on my temple. My migraine usually hurts on that part. I think it was triggered by my emotions, or maybe because of my board exam review, although it doesn't really stress me out that much. Yesterday, I think I was already in my postdrome, so I went out to do some errands under a warm and bright sunny day, which is also another trigger to my migraine. Last night, I had a slight headache lingering again. When I woke up today, I just noticed that my right pupil is larger than the other, but after sometime, it goes back to normal. When I try to sleep and get up again, it dilates again then goes back to normal.

Right now, my pupils are of the same size already, but my right eye is kinda blurry.

I wonder if it's just normal? But I've read through some discussions that they experience uneven pupils too when they have migraine, so at least I know that I'm not alone.

  1. Hi there- I know we've responded to you elsewhere on this topic. Just wanted to reiterate that while vision changes are more frequently reported, and even pupil changes can occur- we definitely encourage anyone to follow up with their migraine doctor as soon as possible if experiencing any new symptoms. Here are a couple of articles we have that touch on the topic (be sure to check out the comment section below each piece to see community input):

    We have a lot more pieces on vision changes-- there's just not that much about pupil changes (especially variances between eyes). Again, hope you'll get this checked out. Let us know how things go- we're thinking of you! Warmly, Holly ( team).

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