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Conversation of the Week: The Unpredictability of Migraine & Mental Health

The unpredictability of living with migraine can have so many effects on our lives. Something that can at times be overlooked is how this unpredictability impacts our mental health. I want to open this forum to discuss all of these mental health related topics. Does anyone want to share how the unpredictability of migraine has impacted their mental health? - Amanda W (team member)

  1. Amanda Workman

    1. I think your comment got cut off, unfortunately. - Amanda W

  2. Very negatively, and it is hard to pick yourself up out of that pit of feeling like you have let others, and yourself down.

    1. I am so glad that you are getting help. It can really help to have someone to talk to about our emotions, especially if we do not have a large support group. I am also glad that you found our community here and are pretty active. Best wishes! - Amanda W (team member)

    2. that great that you have two important players on your support team. Thanks for sharing that and reminding us all that support can come in so many different ways. - Alene, moderator

  3. I'm a 50 year migraineur. Recently I got off some anti-depressants that seem to have affected my headaches. Now I'm going through many changes again. I find my picture is never stable; I need to be flexible and accept changes as they come.

    1. Having our health concerns dismissed by health practitioners is incredibly frustrating and can ultimately be dangerous. It's really important to find appropriate (responsive and respectful) care. Are you currently under the care of a migraine specialist? Warmly- Holly team

    2. that makes sense. Well, I certainly hope that you doctor is able to offer some creative ways to find the right combination to manage your full picture of health - all of you! - Alene, moderator

  4. Can not work & rarely leave the house.

    1. All of these triggers: temperature, bright sunlight, humidity, barometric pressure changes affect me, what about you?

    2. I live in the South and all of those things you mentioned are triggers for me too. I cannot wait for winter to arrive so it will cool off some. Between my migraines and major depressive disorder, I struggle to be able to be productive myself. It's very frustrating. - Amanda W (team member)

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