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Much Milder Migraine After Covid Vaccine?

I received the Pfizer covid vaccine last night and then had an aura for a migraine this morning. I would NOT say that the vaccine definitely caused the migraine, as I was "due" for one based on my usual schedule and triggers.

Migraine after vaccine

The weird part that I wanted to ask about was the fact that it was one of the mildest aura+migraines I've had in YEARS. My migraines usually cause pain up my entire right arm and some degree of pretty bad aphasia, but this migraine had just tingling in 3 fingers, and no speech problems at all.

Mild migraine symptoms

Does anyone have any info on what might cause a milder migraine like that? I'm curious for a lot of reasons, least of all as to whether there are any clues here that might guide me to better migraine treatment. I have a neuro appointment coming up, but I want to stay informed. Not looking for treatment advice, just information.

Thank you!!

  1. Hi ,

    I don't have any personal experience to share and I wish I had an explanation for your symptoms, but I did just want to say that I hope you're doing ok now. Are you still dealing with some of those things or have they subsided?

    Hopefully some others will chime in with their own post-vaccine experiences. I'd be very curious to see how others have responded. Thanks for sharing your story!

    Kindly, Crystal ( team)

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks for responding. I'm doing pretty okay, I'm just frustrated and bewildered by a lot of experiences that I don't have answers for. My migraine's been followed up by a persistent localized eye flicker (a new symptom for this year--see my other post about it!) and that started again today, all day. And I got no answer for what that is, not from my eye doctor, neuro-opthomologist (did all his tests *twice*) or from the recent EEG and MRI I had. So like I said, I'm waiting to bring all these non-conclusions to my regular neuro to discuss but honestly I can't find shared experience across the whole INTERNET and no one seems to have any idea what is even happening, forget why or how to fix it. An eye flicker might be a lot less serious than the avm, migraines and seizures I've dealt with in the past, but it's the not understanding and not knowing that's so difficult for me. The post-vaccine migraine is just kind of amplifying my fears and making me more nervous about the second shot, which in general people seem to tend to have bigger reactions to, but of course no one has answers about that either, we're all still learning. And again, if I don't understand it, it's harder to mentally prepare for it and cope with it. Thanks for giving me a platform to express this. Hope you're feeling good and having a good week.

      1. , All I have is an anecdote for you -- another member here shared recently that they came down with COVID, and while they normally have severe migraines, they had very slight or no migraines for the entirety of the time they were sick. Isn't that strange and interesting? So much about this virus is still unknown.

        For what its worth, the CDC has reported that those who feel under the weather after getting the vaccine will only experience symptoms for 1-2 days. Keeping that in mind could make it easier to cope. Sending hugs your way. -Melissa, team

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