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In the past I did a post about how big vacuums where an instant trigger for me and the possibilities of why that might be and how to prevent them. Well since then I've tried just about anything I could think of, sound protection, mask for dust, shoes and gloves for vibration, and still didn't have much luck. Well the other day I had a migraine and was using the weatherX migraine ear plugs (that help with pressure) and had to use the vacuum, and I didn't up with a worse migraine. Not sure if it was the ear plugs or the fact that I already had one but it made me wonder, how much do big vacuums change the air pressure around them? Could that even be a possibility?

  1. That's certainly an interesting question! I have no idea about the air pressure, but it sounds like it's worth doing some more experimenting with the weatherX plugs! Please come back and let us know what happens the next time you vacuum, I'm genuinely curious.

    Also, have you ever tried something like an automatic or robot vacuum? That would eliminate the issues with vibration and dust, and they tend to be a good bit quieter. There are so many brands now, not just the very expensive ones! I was actually able to get one over the holiday season for around $75. It might be worth looking into something like that as well ... best of luck! -Melissa, team

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