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Vestibular migraine never ends

I've had constant debilitating vestibular migraine for over 2 years. I've tried diet, lifestyle cganges, 4 preventative meds and nothing has helped. Meds only made the migraine worse. I can't live like this and am scared the dizziness will never get better. I am being considered for botox by a headache specialist.

I'm fed up of reading success stories that all involve pills, diet and vestibular therapy, as none of it has worked for me. Am I doomed to be stuck like this? How do you treat chronic daily migraine when meds, diet, lifestyle etc don't work? There's no answer.

  1. @Kayeff I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. It's hard not to get discouraged when your therapies are not working and you hear other people's are working. That's the hard part about living with migraine. Migraine attacks and symptoms are different for everyone. There are so many combinations that can occur during an attack. I'm glad you are seeing a headache specialist. I hope they can provide you with a form of treatment that will be effective for you. Make sure to write what you want to cover at the visit and bring it with you so you and the doctor can make the most of your appointment.

    I am currently on Botox and Ajovy(CGRP) with some improvement. It took me a few years of failed therapy to get to this point so I feel your frustration. Hang in there and know you have a great community here at to support you!

    1. @tom picerno thank you for the message of support, I really appreciate it. Can I ask how long you had botox for before noticing improvement? And how long have you been having it?

    2. @Kayeff I saw some relief after the second treatment, but the relief lasted about 2 weeks. I have found that with the third treatment combined with Ajovy the improvement is lasting longer, but I can't give all the credit to either therapy. I think they are both doing some good.

  2. Almost none of the meds work for me either and I had a really bad experience when I tried Ajovy for 2 months, it made the migraines much worse. I had to go to ER twice. I'm taking Zonegran for prevention and pain, muscle relaxer and vertigo meds along with using nausea med in cream form to get through episodes. I feel like I'm just limping along on these meds, don't know what I will do when they stop working.

    1. @kayeff,
      I truly feel your pain. I have vestibular migraine too and it’s been very difficult. Are you going to a specialist on balance and vestibular disorders? I went to so many ENT’s that had no idea what was going through. It was so discouraging.

      Finally I was referred to a dizziness specialist and he ran me through a battery of tests and then diagnosed me with vestibular migraine. But I also found out I had nerve damage in one year, causing hearing loss and an asymmetrical balance system causing dizziness. The damage is permanent.

      If you aren’t getting the answers you need now, I am attaching a link to VeDA’s website. It is the best source of information on all things vestibular. ~ Peggy ( Team)

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