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Hi everyone a quick question for all. For the past 3 years ive been getting one sided dull pain in the head which i now know to be migraine. As i put all the other symptoms together and took my evidence to the doctor. Iv tried everything from MAGNISIUM B2 RIBOFLAVIN PROPRANALOL TOPIRAMATE NAPROXEN SUMATRIPTAN STEMELTIL AND CURRENTLY ON AMITRIPTYLINE. Ive tried everything in between but only helps not heals. My question is does anyone have experience with my one and only love and addiction in life! THATS VIDEO GAMES I just cant stop! please someone tell me that i can still do what i love!!

  1. Okay, video games would be a HUGE trigger for me. I'm very light sensitive, and also very flicker sensitive. So anything on a screen, and anything with flashing is a no-no for me. I'm so sensitive that I can't do any TV or video any more, but I'm on the crazy bad end of the spectrum. You may be able to wear glasses that reduce flicker FL-41s. You can also try to get a better screen that refreshes at a higher rate, which will irritate your brain less, adn you may be able to turn the blue down. Also, sometimes just doing the painful activity in moderation can work. For me, eyestrain is a big trigger, but not being able to use my eyes at all makes me so depressed. So currently, I can use my eyes for a few hours on good days, and then I switch to non-eyestrain activityies. You get the idea. Hope these ideas help.

    1. did you find anything that helps your situation? I was a big gamer from the age of 5 onward and it kind of sucked going cold turkey after 25+ years! I haven't been able to play video games whats so ever since i started getting the migraines sadly


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