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Visual Glare Then White Out Pre Migraine


Yesterday I got hit with a visual glare that quickly became a complete white out of my vision. It lasted a second or two. I was driving on the freeway so needless to say it terrified me.

It was to late to call my Neuro as he leaves early on Fridays, although I sent him an email.

I had an amorosis fugax (like a black curtain obscuring your vision) a few years back, that was attributed to a silent migraine.

We also just pushed my depakote up to 3000mg/ day (migraine & spasticity control), so I'm going to check with my pharmacist about it too.

Has anyone else had "white outs" before an attack?

  1. Hi Autumn Sparrow,

    Thanks for reaching out. I don't have visual aura, thankfully, so have no experience with it. I have heard from others with migraine who've had similar experiences. Scary, yes!

    I'm glad you emailed your doctor. We always suggest doing so when we have new and/or different symptoms.

    I hope others will be along shortly to lend their experiences with you.


    1. Hi Nancy,

      I ended up talking to my pharmacist & neurologist about it.

      My pharmacist said that they don't list the specific vision changes with depakote. Although her two cents were that the glare sounded like migraine and the opaqueness of the whiteout may have been the depakote.

      My neuro said that since it was transient and followed by a migraine it was likely aura. He said not to worry unless it's not transient, or w/out a headache. I get a "lovely" array of extended visual aura symptoms so this makes sense.

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