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Vitamin B12

I've suffered with menstruation migrains and now menopausal migrains The last four years have been hell! Cutting to the chase I started taking vitamin B12 about 5 weeks ago and I am convinced it has helped . I have only had 2 migrains in June . Both were treated with Almotriptan and Naproxen ( only needed one of each) and within 1.5 hours I was pain free. I also take magnesium and high class fish oils but it's the B 12 which has helped! All migrainers try it! X

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for sharing your success story with us - we love them! It's entirely possible that B12 and the other supplements you are taking are helping to reduce your migraine frequency and severity!

    Vitamin deficiencies can have an impact on our migraine attack frequency and severity. We have interesting information on B 12 in these two articles; and

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for continued success!

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