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Vitamin B2

After a successful double lung transplant 7 years.ago...I was devastated to get these debilitating headaches which included neck and face pain and vomiting. I finally went with Botox. It helped, but there was some breakthru pain. My neurologist suggested vitamin B.2. It's water-soluble and pretty safe. I take 200 morning and 200 at night. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR NEROLOGIST. I m doing pretty well actually. I usually get 2 headaches a week. The other day I started getting one and took my vitamins with some migraine Excedrine. REALLY HELPED!!!!! AGAIN...check with your doctor.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing what you've found that works so well for you. Like you said, we definitely encourage community members to check in with their doctor before adding any supplements to their regimen. It's always great to hear when someone has found a solution that has given them relief. Happy for you- you have been through so much. Glad you're with us. Warmly- Holly team.

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