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Voltaren Gel

Has there been any discussion about using Voltaren Gel? I've had severe migraines for the past five years and my mom recently gave me her bottle of arthritis medicine in an attempt to help with my pain.

I put a small amount of this gel on the back of my neck, shoulders, and sides of my face and was astonished at how quickly the pain there subsided. I've have continued to use it with similar results. My friend, who also suffers from migraines, has been having these successful results as well. My biggest problem with migraines is once I have one it doesn't go away. This gel has been extremely helpful in quenching my hard-to-end migraines.

I have seen some references to other doctors prescribing Voltaren for migraines, but I'm wondering why it is not more widely used?

  1. I never thought to try it on my face, my mom also has a script for it. I put it on my neck because my neck swells with my migraines but never thought to try it on the face.


    1. Hi ladies,

      I've not heard of Voltaren. I'll check with Ellen and see what she knows.

      Then get back to you!


      1. Voltaren gel is the same as the pill, an anti-inflammatory.

        1. KPacheco - Voltaren is sometimes used for Migraine, however it is a drug that can result in MOH, so care is necessary and normal MOH precautions taken. It doesn't address the Migraine itself, and therefore could potentially end a patient up in a worse situation, so care and direction under the guidance of a knowledgeable physician is really a must.

          Voltaren is diclofenac sodium, and a special formulation designed for Migraineurs called Cambia can be purchased Rx if it is helpful to you. Here is a special coupon for Cambia: Used with other NSAIDs, it could be extremely dangerous however.

          The gel is the same active ingredient as the pill or powder, however it is applied topically and therefore reaches specific areas in a more concentrated way. I want to caution you however, and everyone else reading this...

          Please, never change your current management protocol without first discussing it with your doctor. Do NOT use medicines that were prescribed for another person. This is dangerous and I can't begin to tell you of the seriousness of doing this without talking to your doctor first.

          Voltaren can cause problems when taken in certain circumstances. I don't know what you are taking currently, and only your doctor can really help you decide what is okay and what is not, but I am urging caution here.

          I used a similar drug topically - indomethacin. It did help me, but the help was very temporary. Taking it topically meant I couldn't take it any other way, and I got more benefits from taking it systemically vs. in a targeted manner.

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