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Was doing great on Effexor !

I was doing great on Effexor , when combined with Topomax. At the time it was prescribed to me by my neurologist , "He" The Dr , told me , migraines were small brain seizures and that I should be on some sort of seizure medication. The Topomax was fairly new on the market at the time and it worked wonders ! Not only on my headaches but I've got a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the combination of medication also helped the horrible muscle spasms in my legs . The problem ended up being my insurance didn't cover these meds and soon my neurologist quit giving me samples . I do believe this is a very helpful combination of medication for migraine, also at this time I receive Botox 100 units every 3 months from my neurologist and I take injection of Imitrex 100 ml as needed . It's a great regimen and gets me through ,
It seems that diet appears to be a major factor affecting my migraines, the milk products , hard cheese, too much salt , too spicy foods, greesy foods , Diet soda that I drank for 30 yrs , I no longer drink at all ! It's a life change ! I can't even have flickering lights on my Christmas tree 🙁 fluorescent lights are really bad as well!!

  1. I'm so glad you've found some helpful treatment. Many drug companies have patient assistance programs to help cover the cost of medications. If you qualify, it could make Topamax and Effexor affordable. Here's a list of available programs:

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