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Water Trigger?

I know it might kind of sound ridiculous, but it's the only thing I can come up with. I hardly drink water, ever, and that definitely sounds like it would be a trigger--dehydration--but I don't think it is. Maybe for normal headaches, which I get even more frequently than migraines, but I think maybe the opposite is triggering my migraines. Some days I'll sit down to watch a movie or read a book or put together furniture or something, so I'll grab my water bottle and drink up the whole thing. I only do this like, once a week, MAYBE, and then the next day I'll wake up with a migraine or it'll come shortly after I wake up. I go to bed at nine-thirty or ten and wake up around seven or eight the next morning.

I was just wondering, does anyone think that could be a trigger? Maybe? Like, "sudden change in diet" or something? I don't drink a lot of water and then BAM--I drink a whole bottle, could that be a trigger?

  1. Hi isabellieb97,

    Dehydration is a strong trigger for some of us, myself included, and many of us find it necessary to drink water all day long. Here's the thing, because our brains are overly sensitive anytime we have a change in our life, whether it's diet related, sleep related or weather related, a migraine may be triggered. So in short, yes, drinking water as you do may be a migraine trigger for you. Take a look at this information on migraine triggers;

    Have you recently kept a detailed migraine diary? If not I would encourage you to do so. The thing is our migraine patterns can change over time, but if we keep a diary, we'll be able to see these patterns and figure out a way to avoid them. A diary is also helpful in figuring out our triggers;

    Keep us posted!


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