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Migraine frequency

I have suffered migraine with aura for about 18 years, usually get about 2 a year and at one point completely cut out cheese as I thought this was a cause for me...few years later it seemed to exhaustion. After sport or lack of sleep.
10 days ago I had a small version of the migraine and only had the visual disturbance and slight headache...I was pretty tired and anxious as I suffer with anxiety, a few days later on Monday again the same but this time it lasted for about 20 to 30 mins...again only vision and then no headache at Sunday and again a small visual disturbance and no headache for about 20 to 30 minutes. My anxiety has been through the roof and not been eating at all healthy

Anyone else experience these weaker episodes?

  1. Thanks so much for writing in. Are you taking anything preventatively for migraine? And are you seeing any kind of a migraine specialist? I ask because we do encourage folks to consult with their doctors when they experience any shift in their migraine pattern. Also migraine preventatives can impact the extent to which we experience migraine pain and related symptoms. If you aren't taking a migraine preventative, it is still quite possible, and others have reported, experiencing migraine attacks with minimal pain, or no headache at all. This affirms strongly that migraine is a complex neurological condition and not "just a headache."
    As I said, we'd encourage you to consult with your doctor about this shift in your migraine pattern and you may find these resources (including the comments section that follow) of interest:

    Please let us know if we may be of any further assistance. Glad you're with us. Warmly- Holly ( team).

    1. I'm not on any preventative medication as I usually only have 2 a year and just kind of accept it. I had an mri scan in 2015 and since then haven't really been in touch with the doctor about the migraines, since this year when they said just take sumatriptan when a migraine starts, when I rang this week they said just take tablets...I want to know or try understand why I have been getting more of them not just take tablets for them. Did have my blood pressure checked which was fine. So I got told to take a migraine diary and see how it goes over the next few weeks...I would rather see a neurologist though to be honest, but don't even know where to start

    2. Hi Anthony- so glad you wrote back. So, yes, keeping a journal is a great idea to help uncover patterns and potential underlying triggers that may be setting off your attacks. Doing so may even help you unearth that some triggers create certain (less or more severe) types of attacks. It's a little more tricky for you to dedicate yourself to keeping a diary since your attacks are so few and far between. Still, if you are wanting to more fully understand what's going on, it would be worth a try for sure. This article may prove interesting for you:

      As to your desire to see a neurologist, as I mentioned before we do encourage those with migraine to seek care from migraine specialists as these doctors are more specifically trained in the complex neurological condition that is migraine. They are often more up to date when it comes to types of treatments and changes in the field. Here is a link to migraine specialists across the US (there is an unfortunate shortage of these types of doctors, but it would still be worth looking). If you cannot find a migraine specialist, seeking a neurologist who specializes in pain medicine/management would be another great choice.
      Lastly, regarding your question as to why the potential uptick in migraine frequency but difference in quality of pain, this is a question best asked of your doctor. I will say that we hear of this type of evolution frequently among members of our community. Sometimes due to external factors (diet, stress, lack of sleep, weather shifts). and also sometimes to things occuring internally (aging, hormonal shifts). It would behoove you to gain clarity over what is triggering the attacks in order to try to avoid those things (if they can be avoided). Of course some triggers cannot be avoided (such as shifts in the weather).
      Please let us know what other questions you have or reflections you'd like to share. We are here for you as you work to figure this out. Thinking of you. Warmly- Holly ( team).

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