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Woke up with one-sided headache.

Yesterday morning I woke up with pain on the top left side of my head. I'm a 52 year old female, not prone to headaches and I've never had a migraine. This headache was about a 2-inch strip on the top middle left side of my head. My eyes were so puffy they wouldn't open all the way. Ibuprofen didn't come close to touching the headache. I had no nausea or vision problems. The pain lasted all day and kept waking me up last night. The pain on the left side is tolerable today, however, my head feels heavy and my neck feels tired. No neck trouble yesterday. Yawning makes the pain worse and it pounded when I walked. Could this be a migraine? I'm not sure what's going on as I don't really get headaches. I would like some input please. Thank you.

  1. Gosh, if you've never had a migraine and don't have headaches and just get something really bad like that all of a sudden, I would go see the doctor, ASAP, and have it evaluated.

    A doctor can look at all your symptoms and tell you if it could be the onset of migraines, or something more serious. I wouldn't just rely on Advil or the internet, though, if you don't have headaches and suddenly have a really bad one. That could be a sign of something really serious. Can you call your doctor now?

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