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You're likely Vitamin D3 Deficient

Migraine and Cluster are two different types of primary headaches, but they have much in common in their pathogenesis and symptoms. An ongoing online survey of cluster headache sufferers (CHers) running since December of 2011 indicates nearly all CHers are vitamin D3 deficient/insufficient as indicated by a serum 25(OH)D concentration less than 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L). 25(OH)D is the serum level metabolite of vitamin D3 that's used to measure vitamin D3 status. The normal reference range for the 25(OH)D lab test is 30 to 100 ng/mL (75 to 250 nmol/L).

The following graphic illustrates the normal distribution of baseline 25(OH)D lab test results taken before starting vitamin D3 repletion therapy with the anti-inflammatory regimen containing 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3, 1000 mg/day Omega-3 Fish Oil and the vitamin D3 cofactors: magnesium, zinc, boron, vitamin A (Retinol), vitamin B12 and vitamin K2 (MK4 and MK7).

As you can see from this normal distribution chart, the majority of CHers have a 25(OH)D serum concentration less than 30 ng/mL and all participants had a 25(OH)D serum concentration ≤47 ng/mL.

The really interesting finding from this study is of the 187 CHers who have participated so far and started the anti-inflammatory regimen, 82% have reported better than a 70% reduction in the frequency of their cluster headache (CH) and 54% reported experiencing a lasting pain free response. The results of 25(OH)D lab tests after 30 days on this regimen or a favorable response indicated a mean 25(OH)D serum concentration of 80 ng/mL (200 nmol/L).

My name is Pete Batcheller, screen name "Batch". I'm a 72 year old retired Navy fighter pilot and long time CHer. I've studied CH extensively since being diagnosed as a chronic CHer in 2005. I hold a patent on the Demand Valve method of oxygen therapy as a rapid and effective CH abortive as a co-inventor. I developed and started taking the anti-inflammatory regimen in October of 2010. I've been CH pain free ever since. My wife who turned 80 in December was a 20 year chronic migraineur with 3 to 5 day bouts of migrains hitting once a month like clockwork until she started this regimen in December of 2010 after seeing how effective it was in preventing my CH. She's been migraine pain free ever since.

As a member of Clusterheadache dot com, I've worked with over 600 CHers since December of 2010. The results are always the same... Better than 80% of the CHers who start this regimen experience a significant reduction in the frequency, severity and duration of their CH. 54% experience a lasting pain free response as long as they remain on this regimen. Over that same period, I've had the opportunity to work with at least 20 migraineurs. Their response to the anti-inflammatory regimen is even better at close to 90% experiencing a significant reduction in the frequency of their migraine headaches or they experienced a lasting pain free response.

I buy the supplements used in this regimen at Costco to get the best price but most can also be found at Walmart, most supermarkets or over the Internet at amazon... I still find it amazing what 12 cents worth of vitamin D3 (the complete cost of this regimen is 50 cents a day) can do to prevent cluster and migraine headaches. The following photo illustrates the supplements I take daily.

If you are interested in trying this regimen to prevent your migraine headaches, I suggest you see your primary care physician to discuss this very healthy vitamin and mineral regimen and to ask for the 25(OH)D lab test. Most medical insurance companies will not cover this lab test unless they have a valid reason... If your PCP can't order the 25(OH)D lab test for migraines, tell him you suspect osteoporosis or that you've been taking high doses of vitamin D3 and you need this lab test to rule out hypervitaminosis D.

If you want to read more about my work with the anti-inflammatory regimen, google "anti-inflammatory regimen" or check out the headache section at VitaminDWiki. I've a page there and several pages at Clusterheadaches dot com.

Finally, causality is difficult at best to prove for cluster and migraine headache. That said, the inverse relationship between serum 25(OH)D and migraine or cluster headache is hard to argue.

Take care and please let me know if the above information is of interest.

V/R, Batch

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