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Has anyone had a doctor prescribe Zyprexa as an abortive when you get stuck in a migraine cycle? It's a bi-polar drug used off label at a very low dose. I found it to be miraculous--it worked on re-balancing serotonin.

My old migraine doctor retired and the new one doesn't know a thing about it. There used to be samples all over the office, but now, nothing. I known old insurance company got snarky about paying for it, but I'm in a new company now. Wondering how to get my doctor to prescribe it for me.

  1. Hi lynnv,

    I'm afraid Zyprexa won't abort an attack, but could possibly be used for migraine prevention. Medications that abort migraine attacks include triptans and ergotamines and I can share information on abortives with you here;

    There are things we can discuss with our doctor when we our migraine pain has gone on too long These include a steroid dose pack and/or an IV infusion.

    It can be frustrating and exhausting when we need to find a new doctor, as many of us have had to find out. If you're in the market for a new migraine expert, take a look at this information; and


    1. My neurologist just prescribed Zyprexa for when I get the 4 day migraine I can't get rid of. I am on migraine maintenance medication daily (Trokendi 225 mg a day). But I still get one, sometimes two migraines a month (they last 3-4 days). The weather is a trigger, as I have allergies and am on medication for that also. I have tried Imitrex, Maxalt, Replax and Zomig, none of those have even come close to even curbing my migraine when it hits. So I am hoping that Zyprexa offers at least some relief. I was glad to read that it worked for someone, and I hope you find someone to get you back on your "Zyprexa path" (for lack of a better term to call it). Best of luck, from a person who empathizes with pain of chronic migraines.

  2. Nancy, it's a moot subject now as I got another doctor to prescribe it for me. Perhaps "abortive" was the wrong word. Zyprexa can be taken when a migraine seems to be coming back (and I get a lot of those migraine that go into an endless spiral). The Zyprexa stops that, and you can go on with your life.

    My clinic will only give me Decadron once a quarter (something to do with too many steroids causing cataracts). The also prescribe vasoconstrictors to take for several days. And there is a muscle relaxant with another drug that they give me that sometimes works. Zyprexa is for the times when they aren't going to give me the good stuff. (They are very careful, so I don't fault them.) I don't want any IV infusions unless I'm hospitalized and that has to be for the worst sort of stubborn migraines. I was hospitalized in October for migraines that went on one after the other for four weeks!
    Normally, I have plenty of triptans as abortives for regular migraines.

    Also, not sure why you think I'm looking for a new doctor. My doctor is fantastic. Very caring and works WITH me rather than lecturing to me. There was a time I was rudderless, when my old migraine doctor retired. But I found my current one at the same clinic I go to; some other docs there recommended him to me. Just because he didn't know about Zyprexa doesn't mean he's someone I'd leave. In all other regards, he's a top doctor.
    Maybe I'm not clear when I post things.


    1. Also, I looked at the list of recommended doctors, and mine is on there.

      1. My Doctor gave me Zyprexa to abort headache but I'm afraid to use it-- but nothing I've tried so far has worked, not even imitrex.

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