3 Low-Energy Self Care Practices

Our body is all too familiar with pain. For some of us we may experience intense attacks, and others may experience the ongoing pain of chronic migraine. We crave a break from the pain. So, the idea of feeling pampered can feel like a distant dream, or only for the lucky few that don’t live with migraine. I want to see if we can change that.

How have I been practicing self-care for migraine?

I don’t want to be excluded from feeling good in my own body. I also want to give my body the TLC that it deserves from preserving through the trenches of migraine life. That’s why I recently started thinking of some ways that I could practice self-care.

Here are some low-energy self-care practices that I enjoy, and you might as well. And I would love to hear from you in the comments below, what your favorite self-care practices while living with migraine. Let’s create a list of all the ways we can love on our body.

Practice #1

If you know me, you know that I love my essential oils. While I know that they’re not for everyone with migraine, as some people find them to be triggers, I have found them to be incredibly helpful in my migraine journey. I love diffusing Frankincense in my bedroom and applying Vetiver to the soles of my feet at bedtime. I love applying lavender on my skin during the day to keep me feeling calm and relaxed. The greatest aspect of them, is that they require little to no energy to use.

Practice #2

If you’re a bath person, filling up the tub with warm water and throwing in some Epsom salts can be relaxing on so many levels. It’s an opportunity to relax somewhere other than your bed. You can keep the lights dim by just having the room lit by a night light. And adding a scoop of Epsom salt can help to ease tense muscles, perhaps the very muscles that are intensifying migraine life. You could create a nightly bath routine, or have one weekly, perhaps on a Friday evening.

Practice #3

Sometimes in the midst of a migraine attack my mind is spinning with thoughts and I just want to quiet it down a notch. For this, and countless other reasons, I love guided meditations. They often are down in a soothing voice and sometimes even have relaxing background music that further relaxes my mind and body. You can find a variety of guided meditations on YouTube that are free and available for immediate play. You can further personalize your search for one that will resonate most with you by searching for a guided meditation that is specific for pain relief, or is faith-based, or perhaps is recording in a favorite setting of yours like the beach so it includes the sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore. You can also find meditations that vary in length. Some can be such a few minutes while others can be hours long, staying right by your side through migraine life.

These are just some of my personal favorite self-care practices. I want to hear about yours. Please share in the comments below.

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