Community Views: Your Uncommon Migraine Symptoms

Visual aura, pain, nausea, and vomiting are some well-known symptoms of migraine, but people with migraine often experience a wide range of other symptoms. Some of these lesser-known symptoms include trouble with body temperature regulation, hypersensitivity, brain fog, and depression.

We asked community members to share some of their uncommon symptoms, and they had plenty to say. Here's a look at some of their responses.

Trouble regulating body temperature

Many people with migraine say they have difficulty controlling their body temperature. One minute you may be burning up, and the next freezing! And this change doesn’t have to be accompanied by a fever or any signs of illness.

“I get very hot when I have a strong of migraines, and I’ve never heard of anyone else who does! If I exercise I am so hot for the rest of the night that my body is still radiating heat hours later, and I can’t sleep.”

“I’m usually hot but freezing and very restless.”

“Gosh, I can relate to that!! All I want is to sleep under covers, but I’ll turn the AC so far down, and I’m still radiating heat!”

“Yes, I am the same way, even leaving the window open all night in the dead of winter and sleeping with ice packs just to control it. Or constantly asking if anyone else is freezing and not being able to get warm.”

Hypersensitivity and brain fog

While they may seem contrasting, many people with migraine report feeling both of these sensations off and on, or even at the same time!

“I want the comfort of being wrapped warmly, but the fabric hurts when it touches my skin. I am aware of every fold in the fabric and every lump in the bed”

“It’s like being in a fog and hyped up on a lot of caffeine, but with 'SQUIRREL!' moments added”

“The heightened sensitivity to everything. Every movement every light, flash, noise, a whisper is magnified times 10,000.”

“I get the hypersensitivity as well – every sound causes more pain, especially repetitive sounds.”

Different auras

Some people experience visual auras before a migraine strikes. But for others, the auras are tied to different sensory disturbances.

“Sometimes my arms are different colors too. One is redder than the other, and it’s not due to sun exposure.”

“Can feel like you’re outside your body, watching things from a distance while experiencing the pain in your body.”

“The smells. The other day I kept smelling rotting meat! It was awful!”

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