Three people share beam of light between them.

Hashin’ for Compassion

Weirdly enough, I can only really remember one person also having migraine growing up. If memory serves, it was my high school band teacher. I remember her talking about herself having migraine and I felt this tiny part of me light up. Some people feel this way, too? I mean, finally! This was somebody I already knew, and once I was diagnosed during my senior year, nothing was stopping me from being able to talk about it, get advice, and finally feel like I really am not alone in this. This was something I fought in secret, but no more!

Keeping migraine to myself

Yeah, I super didn't do that. There’s some part of me that wishes that I had, but there’s this other part of me. This huge heavy part, that keeps this to myself. I didn’t want other people to know that I suffer with migraine. Like they need to watch out over me and check up on me whenever I feel one coming on. I mean that’s why whenever I have one during a play or show, I power on despite the onset of pain.

Finding my voice

It isn’t a mindset I’m proud of, and even now I find that I don’t always remember to write migraine down when I have to fill out forms including lines for ‘medical conditions.’ It wasn’t until I really started writing for this website that I understood what migraine looked like. See I never really had a voice. Both from my bubble, as well as my fear. But now…

I hear all of you

Every story I read, every testimony. They all share of similar or more extreme cases of migraine compared to what I live with. It’s humbling but most of all; I wish I could do more to help.

You are not alone

Relpax and Aimovig already do most of that legwork, however, I want you to know something. This community is for you. Don’t make my mistake I beg you. Please feel free to write your story and help out one another like I didn’t. If I had this resource I would have never felt as alone or isolated I did with this part of my life. I find that the people here, the commenters, are so dang compassionate. They actually care for one another!

Shared experiences motivated me

No hate; no judgment; only kindness.

These stories have actually helped me fuel efforts to take better care of myself. I used to be content with how little water I drink and how little sleep I got. I mean I would go days with 2am bedtimes and dark yellow pee!

Finding power in migraine


Dealing with migraine has become such a big part of my life. I feel a sense of pride in saying that actually. It’s kind of shocking coming to that realization.

Yes, I have migraine. No, I am not ashamed of it. See, I have a voice.

These are things I should get tattooed on my face for goodness sake. On second thought, despite how awesome having a mantra like this is, I don’t think I have what it takes to be able to rock a face tattoo. I mean I already have hard-enough trouble trying to match my socks, let along have words on my cheeks!

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