4 Phrases That Help When I Have A Migraine

Once my migraine starts, nothing can stop the pain. Oh, I’ve tried all the things and even some extra things like ice baths and headstands. (I definitely wouldn’t try the latter.) Once my pain level is on its way to a million and one, the only thing that can make me feel better are words. Words, words, words. No, I haven’t discovered a magic word to cure my migraines, but I have come across some phrases that make me feel cared for and supported. These go a long way to keeping my stress levels down and my body relaxed when my head pain is off the charts. Here are 4 phrases I’ve asked my family and friends to remember and then share when my migraines attack.

Phrase #1

The pain will stop. There’ve been times when one migraine has gone on for weeks, but eventually, my pain will pass. Still, while I’m lying like a slug in a dark room, I can’t always remember what life was like without my head pain. So, I’ve told my husband to (quietly) remind me that the pain will go away. It helps me know that sometime soon I’ll be able to take off my cold washcloth and sunglasses, so I can marvel at the beauty of the sunlight once more.

Phrase #2

How can I help? Navigating days with full-force migraines requires a different playbook. If the day allows, spending it in a dark room is my best self-care. If I must function, then moving slowly, is my best, well…move. Having family ask how they can help gives me space to delegate tasks that keep my day moving slowly. Spending time with my 10-year-old, food prep, and offering to drive are all ways my family can step in to take small portions off my plate.

Phrase #3

I believe you. Believe it or not, I’ve met some people who don’t believe in migraines. Well, don’t believe migraines can be “that bad.” No, my migraines aren’t just a headache. Yes, migraines are super debilitating. No, I’m not being dramatic. Surrounding myself with people who believe in my experience, lessens my stress and makes me feel supported when I need it the most.

Phrase #4

I’ve got you. This phrase was one I didn’t know I needed until my then 3-year-old son said it. One weekend, I was dealing with a fierce migraine when my husband and son came into the darkened bedroom to check on me. I forced a smile and said hello to my family. My son gently put his hand on my cheek and whispered, “I’ve got you.” Wouldn’t this be the best story if my son’s love magically made my migraine fade? Even though this didn’t happen, my heart melted. My son's care and kindness helped me relax enough to fall asleep, knowing I’d eventually wake up to less head pain — and a family that would be waiting for me when I was ready.

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