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How long did it take you to receive your diagnosis?

Community Answers
  • Joleen1966
    2 years ago

    Since I was in my teens. We used to call them “sick” headaches. Or we called them sinus headaches. Always nauseated from them. Still have them. Chronic migraines is what they’ve diagnosed me with currently.

  • Marian Andrews
    2 years ago

    I had “sick headaches” as long as I can remember, but never went to the doctor, until my sister (3 years older) began having headaches as a teenager and woke up unable to go to school, often throwing up. So the general practitioner sent her to a neurologist who did an EEG and said it was normal, so she was diagnosed as having stress or muscular/tension headaches. Then they took me and he said my EEG showed either a mild form of epilepsy or migraines. Since I had not showed any signs of epilepsy, they said I had migraines. It was 2001 before I was diagnosed with epilepsy (almost 30 years later) and my sister was diagnosed with migraines after years of taking medications for stress headaches.

  • testing
    2 years ago

    Wow. I had migraines since i was small, sometimes feeling sick, sometimes even throwing up. I had 3 epileptic seizure during the age of 15-19. I still have migraines, though no more epileptic seizure as i received some treatment for that (I know it’s not curable, but haven’t had a seizure since the treatment). Anyhow, i still have migraines, i learned to live with them and when i cannot take it anymore i jump to my savior, a sumatriptan. So is there such a thing as migraine detection through EEG? It so happens that the neurologist that gave me treatment for epilepsy also gave me the sumatriptan recommendation. She never mentioned though that she saw something relevant in the EEG’s that she performed. Wondering whether i should go back to a doctor and ask for more investigation regarding migraines.

  • hillmed
    2 years ago

    Migraines began at age 21 with the use of birth control pills. Although I was removed from birth control within months, the migraines continued. The symptoms were treated with minimal results. At the age of 53, I experienced a sudden migraine in the middle of the night causing me to fall/roll out of bed. I hit my head on the nightstand going down. My husband and son found me unconscious face down on the floor. Although they didn’t know to call EMS, I became conscious within minutes. After I was put back to bed, I had a severe head and all the symptoms of a concussion. The next morning my son took me to Urgent Care. Although Urgent Care didn’t take the event seriously, I referred myself to a University physician. The diagnosis process began from there. I knew how to work the system as I am a registered nurse.

  • m.miranda
    2 years ago

    I’ve had hormonally caused migraines since my late teens but they stopped somewhere along the line between my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy and started up again 20 years later. I once went to the ER sure I was stroking out only to have them tell me I had a “headache”. Now 62 and have JUST started on imitrex!

  • Jojiieme
    2 years ago

    I really don’t remember. On reflection, I realise I’ve had one form or another for most of my life. But around 20 years ago (I think), after around 3 or 4 weeks of almost unrelenting headaches and dizziness, I visited the GP who looked at me in great sympathy, held my hand and gently said, ‘you’re experiencing a prolonged migraine and medication overuse headache as well. This is what we’re going to do about it’.
    I cried.
    That episode actually lasted six weeks.

  • darkwing
    2 years ago

    I was having migraines for about 9 years before I went in and got seen about them. I was diagnosed immediately. I thought they were just really bad headaches. But my girlfriend told me headaches aren’t suppose to last for 3 days and disable you. If it weren’t for my girlfriend I probably would still be sitting around in pain thinking I was just having a headache.

  • Deb
    2 years ago

    My first migraine was classic. Began with aura, followed by worst headache I’d ever experienced, and uncontrollable vomiting. Diagnosis was immediate. Many years later, the migraines changed to 24/7. Took me a move to lower altitude and referral to headache specialist to be diagnosed with Chronic Migraine. He diagnosed it on first visit, but it took me two years to get referral to him.

  • k_nelson
    2 years ago

    When I was 12. 6 years later…still not many solutions.

  • Oliver
    2 years ago

    I was under 10 years old when I got mine…it’s been over 20 years and I still haven’t found a consistent “fix” or effective “band-aid” even.

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    2 years ago

    Over 10 years….:(

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