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10 Years of Your Favorite Reads

Last updated: September 2020

The articles that are published and shared by are written by patient advocates who understand just how challenging and unique each and every experience with all types of migraine and headaches can be. In honor of the 10 Year Anniversary, we wanted to share with you some of your own favorite reads, the articles that resonated the most, struck up conversations, and described just how it feels to battle the symptoms, triggers, and stigma of migraine.

The many symptoms of migraine

We say it time and time again, but migraine is not just a headache. There are so many symptoms that are swept under the rug or misunderstood by those who aren't living with it. However, we know just how debilitating and disorienting a migraine can be beyond head pain. The advocates have shared a plethora of articles on these symptoms but here are a few that seemed to stick out the most:

  • Migraine is More Than Head Pain: The Many Symptoms of Migraine"The pain is a big deal, but it is only a small part of this neurological disorder that impacts the entire body." - Kerrie
  • The Difficulty of Conversing During a Migraine Attack
    "Point is: I am a people-person, and I love talking with people...All that changes when I am suffering from a serious migraine at work...Gone is my very basic ability for looking people in the eye; gone is my talent for listening." - The Migraine Girl
  • Chronic Migraine: The Body’s Slow Leak
    "The analogies about how chronic migraine takes a toll on our energy are endless. We feel like a car that has run out of fuel, a tire with a slow leak, a car running on fumes, a balloon running out of air." - Holly
  • Unique Symptoms of Childhood Migraines
    "We all know how horrible it is to have a migraine especially one that hits suddenly, lasts a long time or causes lots of sensory problems. As difficult as these maybe to live with as an adult, imagine how hard it must be for the children and the parents?" - Maria
  • Chronic Migraine Taxing Brain Power
    "The mental drain is not always considered when discussing symptoms we face during a migraine. These symptoms are very real and can include things like brain fog, problems communicating, and fatigue that become frustrating for the individual experiencing them." - Amanda
  • What It’s Like to Live with Hemiplegic Migraine
    "I live with hemiplegic migraine (HM), which randomly gives me symptoms like a drooping face, pins and needles feelings at the most awful times, and migraines that will not let up." - Kelly
  • The Pain of Allodynia
    "I’ve had migraine for about nine years now, and there have been lots of odd symptoms that I’ve experienced along the way. One of the more annoying ones is allodynia." - Tom
  • 3 Crazy Cravings That Help Me Get Through My Migraines
    "Every migraine I have has a distinctive personality. They’re so individual in their pain that I want them to have their own name, social security number, and Netflix account. However, there’s one way in which my migraine personalities do stay the same: Their food cravings." - Tonilyn

The complexities of life with migraine

Each and every one of our experiences with migraine is unique. What works for one doesn't work for all. The symptoms one experiences may be more severe than another. We all crave understanding from those who don't experience migraine, but we also crave that same understanding from one another. Migraine makes our lives complicated in different ways. Whether it's affected our relationships, careers, mental health, and more, we've all been impacted. The advocates have shared their individual experiences and here are a few that have resonated with many of you:

  • It Might Be Time to Stop Asking “Why?”
    "Why? Why did my migraine attacks start? Why did I get so sick? Why is it worse for me than others? Why? When my migraine disease became chronic in 2011, this was the biggest question on my mind—and what I wanted the doctor to answer for me." - Lisa
  • The Differences Among Us: What I Wish Others With Migraine Knew
    "There are many things those of us with migraine disease wish people without it understood...But it isn’t just those without migraine that make us feel misunderstood. Sometimes, it is others of us with it." - Sarah
  • Why Do I Pretend to be Well?
    "I am constantly worried about how I am being perceived and trying to justify what I am doing because I constantly feel like my pain isn’t valid and does not warrant a moment or a break." - KyKy
  • Worsening Episodic Migraine
    "Up to this point, my episodic migraines have most of the time been bearable. I would get a debilitating migraine on rare occasions." - Steven
  • Migraine Journey on Remembrance Day
    "I struggled to acknowledge my sister’s condition for what it was—a debilitating neurological condition. Looking back, I wish I would’ve had the knowledge that I have now, and that I could’ve supported her better throughout her toughest years." - Billy
  • 4 Things Intractable Migraine Has Taught Me
    "For many, many years I identified myself through the eyes of my disease. I felt less than, weak, invalidated and unimportant all of the time." - Jaime
  • Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop: Migraine and Comorbid Conditions
    "Migraine is a challenging and complex neurological condition by itself, but sadly it also frequently brings with it a wide range of comorbid conditions which add to that challenge and complexity." - Shoshana
  • Cluster Headaches – Journey to Diagnosis
    "When I was about 30 years old, I started having new headache symptoms. Since I had migraines for years, I knew this was something different. I would get intense head and eye pain at 2 pm every single day. It would last 2-3 hours and then it would go away." - Anna

The many questions and faces of migraine

Migraine is ever-changing with evolving triggers and symptoms. A treatment that may have worked at one point can stop bringing relief all of a sudden. New symptoms or triggers can come and go with no rhyme or reason. Managing these changes and recognizing them takes a lot of work and energy on top of dealing with migraine disease. Often the migraine community likes to share and learn tips from each other and how to cope with all the different types of migraine attacks. Here are two of the community’s favorite series:

  • What's Your Secret Video Series
    "In the 'What’s Your Secret' video series questions that have been asked by our community members are brought to life!" - Holly
  • Unofficial Migraine Types
    "A review of the “Unofficial Migraine Types” identified by The Migraine Girl. The Bulldozer, the Creeper, the Wave…. and so many more!" - The Migraine Girl

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