I am a 34 yr old migraine sufferer

I have had migraines/severe headaches since my early teens. Back then, my mother and i were told that i was too young to get them and that i was probably a hypochondriac. That left us with only over the counter treatments for years.

During the early years of my marriage my husband finally convinced me to re-seek professional treatments. That's when one of my doctors prescribed Imitrex. It didn't help at all. Back to over the counter meds =(

A couple of years after that, i had the worst migraine in my life. It started like a normal migraine for me, the tingling and pain on one side of the head. Then something else happened. Part of my face went numb. Like a line had been drawn down my face and half my head was numb. I had difficulty using certain words, because of experiences with strokes in my family, my husband rushed me to the closest hospital. The doctor did find partial facial slackage, but with a cat scan ruled out a stroke. He said that it was a migraine mimicking the symptoms of a stoke. He then basically drugged me up and sent me home with my husband to watch over me. I dont remember the ride home. Ever since then, my migraines have steadily gotten worse.

Fast forward a few years after that and i am where i am at today. I have now applied for ssi. Friends and family have said finally you do that.

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