A lifetime of migraine exacerbated

I have had migraine with aura and hemiplegic migraine since age 3. Of. Back then there weren't distinctions and often migraine was headache sickness. There were no treatments either. The best anyone could do in the worst of it in my teens and young adulthood was take me to the hospital and get morphine to knock me out.

Then came Imitrex- hazah! It didn't work all the time but it was the best treatment ever. I was generally functional, held a very high stress job working 12-14 hours a day and on all 24/7. I kept A LOT of ball in the air. I raised 4 children as a single mom at the same time- all in college now. Then came the Fall. I fell at work face first Feb. 21 2012, nearly a year and a half ago. I broke my sternum and had a serious concussion. I also had some pain and stiffness in my neck- nothing compared to the rest. The the migraines became chronic. The visits to the hospital by ambulance and once by flight for life because I was screaming in pain and it looked like stroke. It was Occipital Neuralgia with blackouts. 2:20am cluster headaches 2-3 months on 1 month off. I spend 20 days per month IN BED.

If I take Imitrex after the cluster headache, I can get up and about but I can only take it twice a week or I rebound. Workers Comp. decided all this is pre- existing because I've always had migraines. Benefits were stopped. I just got a letter from Social Security Disability stating that I have been denied- they believe I not only can work but I can do my pre ions job. So here I am - drivers license medically revoked because of the blackouts from Occipital Neuralgia- confirmed by UCLA neurology headache clinic- no job, unable to get out of bed and both workers comp and social security have denied benefits.

Thankfully I am now married and have insurance and a loving understanding husband to help take care of me. The co-pays on the insurance are more than we can pay since we've lost my substantial income and drained our bank accounts trying to get through all this. We have borrowed from family and friends as much as we can and now we're facing a brick wall. We may lose our home, we can't afford the co-pay for the next surgical procedure at UCLA. I'm at my wits end and don't know how to fight all this. Has anyone been where I am before? Does anyone have Any advice?

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