A Pain In The Neck... Literally

I have spent my life with tension knotted in my shoulders and my neck muscles. It felt like my shoulders were constantly up to my ears, even in the first grade. No one, including me, wondered why I was so tense... and my migraines started around the same age.

Visual triggers

Lately, I've been so bothered by light I have become a recluse (except I prefer solitude so how can I tell?). Alone but not lonely.

Recently I began getting vertigo, visual I thought. Wrong. I found out how to ease the muscles, trapezius, and sternocleidomastoid (the worst) and avoid the TMJ - I am suddenly letting the sunshine in!

A whole new world!

LED bulbs are not as deadly. No vertigo! And fewer migraines, since the triggers are fewer.

I think it started in my mid-20s, 40 years ago, because I can track the November and February afternoon sun triggering migraines - now all year round.

They are not gone, but I can stop most of them, and yank out embryonic migraines with fierce delight (hard work, however). Cluster headaches are now my demons but less time.

With MS and chemical intolerances, hyperacute sense of smell, and too-good hearing, I am determined to find a way to be less miserable since I was keeling on and on.

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