All of a sudden

Hi my name is Sandy, I woke up @ 3am July 11th 2016 with a pressure pain in the right side of my skull that to this day has not gone away? I have had a CT scan because I panicked that I was having a stroke and all looked good. I have had brain and cervical MRI's with contrast last month and all looks good, no new MS lesions and no active swelling around old lesions! I have also been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 23 years so I was thinking this is a weird MS symptom? I read my journal to my doctor last month and he said "Migraines". I have had a migraine before that put me in a dark room with tons of Advil and it went away after about 3 hours, but never has there been constant pressure in my head, daily never goes away until I fall asleep pressure that will sometimes pulsate sending electrical tingles from the spot down my face and into my arms and hands. I also sometimes get a squeezing feeling in my left arm when the pulsating hits? I know medical advice is not allowed, but I am curious if anyone else has this constant pressure feeling in the right side of their skull and has been diagnosed with migraines? I am on gabapentin 600mg daily but so far no relief. I did have a headache yesterday and it seemed to hit right after I had massaged my head with my hand!!! weird huh. I am at a loss especially since this started just all of a sudden!!! Bless all of you who's stories I have read on this sight, you are all in my prayers for relief of this oh so painful disease.

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