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I suffer from what I guess is labeled as "Chronic Migraine". I do not remember exactly when they started, in my 30's or thereabouts, I am now in my fifties. According to statistics it is supposed to be rare (5-10%) for males to suffer from migraines. Well, rare as it may be I get my migraines on a regular basis. Regular, meaning weekly. The frequency has not changed since they began. I have been to migraine clinics, read just about every medical paper on the subject and still have not been able to rid myself of this nuisance. Really that is what it is because without medication I would not be able to function.

I have narrowed it down to a few keys triggers; beer, processed food, cheap wine, very strong smells (i.e hairspray). But the most significant is change in barometric pressure.

Once I get the migraines they linger for at least 3-4 days and if it were not for my miracle drug I would most likely miss work because they are so intense.

Over the years I tried every known Migraine drug, both prescribed and not. Some 6 years ago a friend of mine at work upon learning that I suffered from migraines recommended pills that his sister took to calm her migraines. She lived in the States, I live in Canada and these drugs are not available in Canada. On her next visit to Canada she gave him a bottle which he later gave to me.

The next time I got a migraine I took one of the pills and within 10 minutes the migraine stopped. I was drained of energy but the migraine stopped.

The pills are "Excedrin".

I normally take only one as soon as I feel the migraine coming. More often than not it will stop but if it doesn't I'll take a second and that usually does the trick.

There was a recall on Excedrin back in January 2013 so since then I have been taking Walgreens' Migraine Relief with the same results.

If you haven't tried either one of the mentioned drugs ... you should, for me they are my saving grace.

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